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Songwriting for Wellness offers an opportunity to work through thoughts and feelings about life experiences in a supportive environment. Led by an award-winning songwriter and supported by a licensed social worker, Songwriting for Wellness promotes resilience, healing, and self-care.

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Providing programs for professionals in high-stress, trauma-exposed workplaces, and workshops for those who have experienced loss, trauma, and those in marginalized groups. Intended for beginners, no musical background or experience with an instrument is required to participate.

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“We Are All People” was written in collaboration with participants of a Songwriting for Wellness workshop funded by a Cameco Fund for Mental Health awarded to Transition House for staff wellness programming.

“A powerful, meaningful connection and experience for someone who never thought about considering songwriting. The final product was well worth it, and I would totally do it again.” 

— 2022 Workshop Participant